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Benefits of Reading

Books are man’s best friends and it’s not a cliché’ but indeed the truth. Books are treasure house of knowledge, which it exudes on whomever that seeks it. From time immemorial, reading has been a part of human life. Earlier it has been religious books such as Vedas and Upanishads but now you can find books on any subject. And thanks to technological advancements, people need not step out to buy books. They can buy books online or can read eBooks. However, the saddest part of the whole affair is that today there are not enough readers. The fast pace of human life has taken away the most beneficial activity from the life of the people and that is reading. Instead of reading, people are hooked on to watching TVs and surfing the net. Hence, today we have a generation who do everything from watching meaningless shows on TV to spending hours trawling the web for mindless diversion.  It never crosses their mind to utilize the precious time to read books, as they are unaware of the benefits of reading. Hence, let us look at some of the benefits of reading.

·         Reading makes you smart
Reading keeps you abreast of what is going on in the world thus helping you to be sharp and intelligent.

·         Reading is a Stress Buster
Reading helps you to relax. It provides you the distraction that you rightly need on a stressful day.

·         Reading improves analytical thinking
Reading helps you to analyze things more rationally and logically. This helps in our day-to-day lives where decisions are mostly made at the spur of the moment. Reading helps to look at things from a different perspective and take sensible decisions instead of impulsive ones.

·         Reading activates your brain
Reading is a mental activity and therefore it helps to activate the brain by constantly thinking and reasoning. Mind engaging activities like Sudoku, crosswords and number puzzles increase brain activity and thereby help in keeping diseases like Alzheimer’ disease and Dementia at bay.

·         Reading improves vocabulary
Reading helps in increasing vocabulary and improving spelling. A good vocabulary can help not only in conveying one’s feelings perfectly but also to understand what other people are saying.

·         Reading enhances confidence
Reading helps you to be part of any discussion as you can talk about any matter under the sun. This increases confidence and self-esteem.

Hence, inculcate the habit of reading, as it would open up new worlds where you have never treaded before. Go to online shopping stores, buy books of your favorite authors, and start reading. The greatest advantage of buying online books is that you would get discounts and free shipping.

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By LesFex - November 11th, 2011, 1:31, Category: General
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